Poetry instantané (2023)

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Poetry instantané (2023). Recorded poetry and sound performance.

The project ʿPoetry instantanéʾ is the result of the collaboration between the poets Xenia Papadopoulou and Marili Pizarro (Puerto Rico) and the musician Guido de Flaviis (Italy, Greece), and was created within the framework of the Koumaria 2023 Residency. The two poets translated each other’s poems in Greek and Spanish, shared personal experiences and found a common ground between Puerto Rico and Greece. This was followed by interpretations of the poems accompanied by musical improvisations by Guido de Flaviis on piano and saxophone, which were also recorded.

Production: Koumaria 2023 Residency. Guido de Flaviis, Xenia Papadopoulou, Marili Pizarro. Sound: Stanford Cheung

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