Whispering the past away (2023)

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Whispering the past away (2023). Site specific video performance with sound.

The site specific video performance ʿWhispering the past awayʾ was created within the frame of the Koumaria Residency, in an ancient burial monument with a circular plan. The monument has a conical shape and carved walls with the particularly dynamic erosions of the carving visible. The roof has collapsed, and the monument refers to a conduit connecting the earthly with the heavenly. It invites the visitor to move in a circle along its horizontal and vertical axis. Adhering to these very special conditions of the particular space, we improvised and let our bodies swirl, becoming ourselves conductors of the earthly and the heavenly, of the past and the present. At the same time and through exhalation, we left the past behind us and surrendered to the power of a new experience of transformation and evolution.

Production: Koumaria 2023 Residency. Concept: Xenia Papadopoulou. Collaborators: Stanford Cheung, Jena Jang, Margarita Kostoglou, Manolis Manousakis, Xenia Papadopoulou, Marili Pizarro, Camille Pruvost, Vjosana Skjurti, Elli Skourogianni

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