Transitional Landscape (2022)

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Transitional Landscape (2022). Colour catchers, dyes. Dimensions: 282×183 cm (111×72 in)

The work ‘Transitional Landscape’ is a collage made of color catchers and borrows its colours from the Swedish, medieval painting. It is a work based on personal experiences and imagery and concerns the Swedish landscape and the way it is reconstructed in memory. It takes the form of a patchwork, while the term ʿtransitional landscapeʾ is used here literally in terms of the parts of the collage and by extension the partiality and selectivity of memory.

The transitions are sometimes smooth and sometimes abrupt. The specific landscape, but also every landscape composed by the passer-by, as a viewer, can include other individual landscapes in linear succession or on multiple levels. A transitional landscape is a landscape in progress that may not be coherent but always has a specific viewer who creates it and redefines it according to how this viewer perceives its existence.

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