The Colour Catcher Project (2021)

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The Colour Catcher Project (2021). Seventy-five used colour catchers with typewriter text, ink, pencil. Colour catcher dimensions: 24.5×11.5cm (9.6×4.5in)/24.5×16cm (9.5×6.2in). Work’s dimensions: variable.

The Colour Catcher Project deals with the social, political and historical aspects of colour, mainly in relation to human skin, gender stereotypes and art history. The texts of the colour catchers are either samples of personal writing or come from bibliographic sources. The last are always followed by their citations.

In this work I use colour catchers in their literal sense, that is to say, that of colour ‘trapping’. More specifically, I  relate the function of colour catchers to the politically and socially constructed condition of colours. We live in a world of racist expressions, gender discrimination and prejudice as well as strong Western traditions. Thus White supremacy, Western imperialism and patriarchy are issues that we constantly deal with. Αs a result, in Τhe Colour Catcher Project I initiate a dialogue with the viewer, concerning these issues.

Colour is one of the most direct ways to express emotions. It bears semantic hues locally and universally. In this work there is a characteristic colour gradation from dark purple to white, concluding to a dark reddish hue. Here, all the above contemporary concerns take their form in a mosaic of colours. Even more, a symbol gradually emerges. A sexuality flag as an element of our times takes its form, through gender’s constant flow, value deconstruction and redefinition.

The work was part of the exhibition ‘Anew’. Curated by Faidra Vasileiadou, Koren Process space, 2021

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