Greek flag (2018)

Το έργο

Greek flag (2018). Cotton fabric, black thread, digital representations, reading of the flag’s text by using digital voice reproduction. Flag dimensions: 251×153 cm (99×60 in). Sound recording’s duration: 0:08:30

The work Greek Flag aims at exploring the notions of flag and ethnicity by provoking the viewer with a symbol that is often considered as taboo. What does the symbol of a flag actually mean to us? Or, what is going to happen if we remove the blue color from the Greek flag?

Bearing these questions in mind I decided to remove the emotionally charged blue color and reach the core of the flag which for me is defined by the words YES/NO on its cross and the syllables of the phrase ‘Freedom or Death’ on its nine horizontal lines. In Greek: ε – λευ – θε – ρι – α – η – θα – να – τος. The words YES/NO represent 100 years of division, spanning from the National division of 1915, then through the Civil War, to the rather recent referendum of 2015. Above all, however, it represents the citizens of a country divided between their ancient past and contemporary reality, East and West,  tradition and modernity.

The phrase ‘Freedom or Death’ deconstructed in its syllables, points out to the creation of the Greek nation and what a nation actually means to us. The flag took me approximately 120 hours to sew, in a process of self-reflection as a political being.

Relevant work: Flag noise (2019)