Flag noise (2019)

Flag noise (2019). 35mm polyester cinema film, permanent marker, digitalized film. Video duration: 0:01:28

Flag noise is the cinematic version of the work ‘Greek flag’. My intention was to deconstruct and redefine the conceptual content of the flag, based on its syllable interchange through editing. Special attention was given to the produced sound effect. In order to achieve this, I used 35mm polyester film which I manipulated so as to get the desired result. The film emulsion was chemically removed and the text of the flag was then written on the clear polyester base.

The same text was written in the sound track which runs vertically to the image frames. With digitalization, the sound was rendered as noise. This happens because the sound reader mechanism can exclusively recognize the frequency and weight of the lines of the text.

The work Flag noise is all about the disarrangement of the ideal ‘Freedom or Death’ and its redefinition through a different linguistic utterance and via technological means.

Relevant work: Greek flag (2018)