Désastre/Météorites/Moloch (2018-20)

Το έργο

Désastre (2018). Τhermal fax paper blackened with blowtorch. Dimensions: 159×112 cm (62.6×44 in). Météorites (2019).Τhermal receipt paper blackened with blowtorch. Dimensions: 162×114 cm (63.8×45 in). Moloch (2020). Τhermal fax paper blackened with blowtorch. Dimensions: 420×201 cm (165.4×79 in).

Τhis is an experimentation on materiality through the creation of three ephemeral works. It was my original intention to create a piece of work (Désastre) resembling a traditional wall  mounted work on paper. In reality, however, we confront an ‘autoimmune’ work with a limited life span. The completion of the work signaled the countdown of its decay and complete eradication. This happened within a few months’ time frame. Thermal paper rapidly fades and so after a short period of time we encounter nothing but the ghost of the artwork. A faded figure who abandoned its paper substrate. With time even the paper itself  disintegrates, leaving behind only traces of metallic shiny dust from the chemical coating of the paper.

A symbolic reaction of torching and vandalizing towards what we call ‘artwork’ and its market?

…or simpler, the literal formulation

of a past time analogue era (fax paper)
of a collapsing economy (receipt paper)
of a collapsing ecosystem (just paper)
of an art conservator embracing the beauty of transience and decay.